After watching the TED talk by Rebecca McKinnon entitled Lets Take back The Internet !, I personally felt that this was a magnificent talk and a powerful question to consider. I believe that MacKinnon was absolutely right that in order to maintain or create an internet that is citizen-centric, it will require some measure of oversight, but at the same time isn’t oversight what were railing against right now? Admittedly were imposing too much oversight and of the wrong kind, such as in the case of China and certain Arab nations, but lest we allow this to descend into anarchy as opposed to the utopia we all wish it to be some regulation must be applied.

I wonder if the real question isn’t whether or not to oversee this domain, but how to do it effectively while at the same time defending civil liberties and individual rights. I won’t claim to have the answer to this or to even know where to find one, but I do believe that involving those peoples to be overseen is vital.

It can also be argued (without much disagreement) that corporations have entirely too much power (see my post last week on the net neutrality ruling). As for me personally, the thought that there is a “corporate barrier” between me and my “democratically elected representatives”, many of whom are supported and financed by those self same corporations is more than a little frightening. Perhaps its time to scale back the mega corporations and return to a more locally sourced economic base? If this could be accomplished, then the power that those companies wield over the internet would be reduced.

Just my opinion.


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