I recently read this article, by James Curran, and what I found was that the most difficult thing was picking just one aspect to post about for fear of getting lost in the deluge of information, and assumption of what the internet was supposed to do or us.

Economically speaking, the quote from 1999’s issue of Wired Magazine, “The Roaring Zeros: The good news is, you’ll be a millionaire soon. The bad news is, so will everybody else” is as good a place to start as any. We were never going to all be millionaires because of one simple principal, escalation. Generally speaking this means that if everyone in the neighborhood drives an 88 Honda  and one person gets a Lexus  then everyone wants to get a Lexus  soon the neighborhood is overflowing with them. Now whats our original Lexus owner god o if he/she wants to feel special? Answer? Buy a Bentley. and the cycle repeats.

Much in this same way, I would argue that the internet was never going to make us all financially wealthy (although we make more than we used to), but it was going to make is more informationally wealthy. Here in 2014, we have the sum total of all of humanities knowledge available to us 24/7, along with global connectivity (excepting certain nations who have restricted access to those things). but with all of us being “informationally wealthy” what does the original information broker do to stay on top?

Heres a hint….they wire tap, steal identities, and troll your emails.

Just my humble interpretation though….


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