Vino Veritas

I’ve always heard the Latin phrase In vino veritas meaning “In wine (there is) truth. Being a bit of an aficionado of the pub, I have seen my share of inebriated people. This forces me to wonder, as a communications student, are drunken people acting and communicating a message that is not them? Or are they simply at a stage where their boundaries are so low that they say what they are actually thinking anyway?

Any who have been reading this blog, know that one of the cores of my message is the second R, respect. Respect means that sometimes you don’t like the message or you don’t agree with it, but you listen to it anyway and honor the fact that the other party too the time to think of it, encode it, and transmit it in the first place.

The true power in this theory arises in the fact that the Roman historian Tacitus once described how the Germanic tribes would often drink heavily wile holding tribal councils. This was done under the belief that a person was physically incapable of lying while intoxicated.

So here we have two cultures as well as Chinese, Russian, Persian, and even the Babylonian Talmud who hold that a persons truest means of communication is through the lens of alcohol. So the question stands, is the message transmitted while inebriated the purest of messages? Is it often traumatic for that very purpose?


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